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written by owen on 2007-Jul-09.

Company parties are always tricky especially when it is another company. You always have to try to figure out the best time to attack the free food. Heaven forbid you should end up there first or try to sneak home with the most expensive bottle you can find. I always try to go for the mid-range light beer or ice - heaven forbid you turn out to be branded as the "alcoholic" before the party even starts by ordering vodka at 6 pm. I try to stick to the people I know before I get dragged into a ridiculous game of Taboo against the office champion who is "over excited" or high on something. Party games are common place like spoilt office children and CEOs that control the music. Time is our ultimate luxury - spend it well.

Nothing surprises me more than my ability engage in self torture. I would be at an event and order the most obscure drink on the menu so that I can discover if it will or will not - kill me. I wanna be ready for what you do. My cure for a hangover is to attempt to drown myself in the shower. Nothing brings you back to life better than a sudden rush of adrenaline. It doesn't happen often.

When you have no regular hangouts or routine each day just "happens". Its like that 10th time I went to the library and realised that a person without scruples was moving the books after I cleverly arranged and hid them. At that age how was I to know that there was some sort of order to them all. Or that the science books on the left and the reading books on the right were not to be arranged by color, height or width. It didn't take long before she caught up to my activities. She crept up like a cloud and let her love abound. Proceded to let her grace enrapture me and educate me in the ways of the world. Erase myself, let go of what I've done.

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  1. So what are you saying? You were molested by a librarian? [hysterical]

    by Mad Bull 2007-Jul-10 

  2., absolutely not!

    by owen 2007-Jul-13 

  3. Office parties,i always sneak out before i get too drunk and share stuff i have no business telling. I dont like them though. LOL at obscure drinks, vodka at 6pm

    Nice pics by the way.

    by Gish 2007-Jul-11 

  4. party like a rock star. pics? yeah some are mine others are submited

    by owen 2007-Jul-13 

  5. Office parties.. I never go to them.

    by taylor 2007-Jul-12 

  6. reply? dude they are the best place to mingle with random people who you have nothing in common with

    by owen 2007-Jul-13 

  7. Once there's free liquor and the possibility of getting a co- worker drunk and getting naughty pics, im in.

    by Tami 2007-Jul-14 

  8. which easy in your case being that your a professional [nive]

    by owen 2007-Jul-14