1. bees
    I am allergic

    by Gods Child 2007-Jun-05 

  2. Men, they serve little purpose.

    by Tami 2007-Jun-05 

  3. Hmm, I think you'd effectively eliminate women too. After all, who would be left to keep the supply of women going?

    It'd be 100%, unequivocally, without a doubt, lizards. Ugh...I don't care if it screws up the entire ecosystem; I'd take the risk.

    by Simplenigma 2007-Jun-05 

  4. mosquitoes

    I am sure im a couple pounds lighter because of these buggers feeding off me.

    by Adrian 2007-Jun-06 

  5. @ SE - It's a long term secret but imma tell you anyways. whispers [thats why we have sperm banks now a days, one up UWI] [friendly]

    by Tami 2007-Jun-06 

  6. Well, u can gwaan wid your sperm bank. I know plenty of purposes that men serve...;)

    by Simplenigma 2007-Jun-08 

  7. Hey a wah man do you....

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-10 

  8. Now this is a hard question...

    by mad bull 2007-Jun-07 

  9. Flies flies and more flies hate them muckers ...

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-10 

  10. flies actually serve a very important purpose in decomposition

    by owen 2007-Jun-14 

  11. @ owen: Nature will find a way it always do.. yuck flies

    by minoramp 2007-Jun-14 

  12. right now nature is probably busy cooking up a storm or 3

    by owen 2007-Jun-14 

  13. lol at simple "....yu can gwaan wid your sperm bank....." hehe.

    by Gela 2007-Jun-10