The sweetest taboo

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written by owen on 2007-Jan-07.

Its been sometime since we last spoke. When I was a young boy my momma said to me "There's only one girl in the world for you and she probably lives in Tahiti ". Luckily, being as I am, I do not think of it much, illusions of grandeur are not entertained. Only fools rush in. It is hard to resist like spiked christmas sorrel. It had so much alcohol in it that it didn't even taste like sorrel. Being red was its only alibi. I poured it half full and attempted to over-power the spirits with ice water like an exorcist. Little did it do. I won't be your father figure, put your tiny hands in mine.

As I look down in to her eyes and stare. In deep thought about nothing I look fixedly with my eyes wide open until she starts to giggle profusely like a school girl at a fair. A fair that has a bounce-a-bout, merry-go-round and cotton candy. A confused look rolls over her face - trying to fathom my thoughts. At which point I break my silence and move towards her lips, thats all I wanted, its a little bit more than it seems. Sad eyes turn the other way. Let me show you how much I care. As I watch the clock, time slowly drifts on, it becomes hard to concentrate. Something in the way she moves. Sometimes I find myself lost in the glow of her shiny nose like a meteor drawn dangerously into the earth's path, emitting light as a result of being heated . As the separation anxiety begins to sink in, nothing is quite the same but if it makes you happy why are you so sad? It may take sometime to recover. This has been the worst December ever. Love me for who I am.

It has been a stressful new year. Not counting the people who have been murdered so far. Being murder I imagine would be more than stressfull. I was just getting accustomed to 2006 when it came to a hard, bitter and infuriating end. No Mavado watch. Children killing children while the students rape their teachers. We can't carry these sins on our back, we gonna swim to the ocean floor, crash to the other shore. All we need is love and snow.
I've written an explanation of this post.

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  1. Now that you tell me you're pulling this stuff from songs you're listening to, I can make out some of them. Most interesting Sir Owen!

    by mad bull 2007-Jan-08 

  2. An unusually incoherent post. I agree with you on the crime sof the new year. Horrible.

    by Leon 2007-Jan-08 

  3. the 3 paragraphs are rarely coherent to each other

    by owen 2007-Jan-08 

  4. haha.. this sounds just random as owen is.. cool post. [hysterical]

    by taylor 2007-Jan-08 

  5. one of these days if I feel idle I'll explain a post in great detail.

    by owen 2007-Jan-08 

  6. I am really tired right now--the sleep-deprived equivalent of stoned. It still doesn't make any sense but there were some scenes there that I liked.
    you should listen to "redemption day" off that album. Also "Three days in Rome"

    by Gods Child 2007-Jan-08 

  7. uhm... what?

    by owen 2007-Jan-09 

  8. you said "if it makes you happy, why are you so sad"
    Now I thought you were talking about Sheryl Crow and her self-titled album (2nd) and thought I would suggest giving those tracks a listen. I'm not as tired tonight and I still don't get your post but still like it.
    I am hearing also counting crows and James Taylor but never mind.

    by Gods Child 2007-Jan-09 

  9. Ok, I'll explain the post in next week's post

    by owen 2007-Jan-10 

  10. Talking bout random! Where you dring any a that sorrel while you wrote this post?

    by Stunner 2007-Jan-08