1. I finally made a budget. But I did not stick to it. I mean, why rush into anything? No need to be hasty about saving money.

    Also, I left the country! If only for a few hours. Ah well, I halfway kept my resolution this year. Next time I make a resolution like that, I'll just haul off and buy a vacation in Bermuda. Lord knows I would have spent the money on all sorts of crap any way.

    by Gods Child 2006-Dec-28 

  2. I was pretty happy with my holiday in norway, and my new website redesign. I'd like to forget the rest of 2006 as soon as possible okthx.

    by Hayo 2006-Dec-29 

  3. it might not be too late 2006 could still be a could year - don't give up hope! [mocking]

    by owen 2006-Dec-29 

  4. I'll answer these questions in my year in review post soon.

    by Stunner 2006-Dec-29 

  5. the worst christmas gift. ever.

    by Island Spice 2006-Dec-30 

  6. This is a really hard question. Lets see... I guess the Frenchmen party at the beginning of the year was memorable. I changed jobs, so I will remember that, plus my farewell parties were cool...
    It was a decent year overall, but I can't remember anything that stands out head & shoulders above everybody else...

    by Mad Bull 2007-Jan-01 

  7. i have no clue. i think it was my lack of savings. and thats my fault. i floss on too many tech gadgets :(.

    by taylor 2007-Jan-02 

  8. underage clubbing baby! --- i got in by DRAWING (yeh thats rite) the stamp thing on my hand. best nyt of my life

    oh and definately SCHOOLIES!
    -- --
    best WEEK of my life!

    by me 2007-Jan-12