1. I'll try to keep it short which is very easy;

    1. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding

    2. Men want a fun and exciting woman who likes him for who he is. Also great sex (consistent, frequent, and passionate lovemaking).

    3. Men need private time, to unwind, to engage in sports and hobbies.

    by owen 2006-Dec-11 

  2. Add to that a woman that will cater to his every need and not nag him.

    by Leon 2006-Dec-11 

  3. I think the right question might be "what do humans want?" because I am not sure that either sex really knows the answer. The answer is very fluid and at different times they want different things

    by Mad Bull 2006-Dec-11 

  4. sounds like a stalemate waiting to happen

    by Gods Child 2006-Dec-12 

  5. Good question GC.
    They seem to want u to be strong and supportive but never outshine them. Love them unconditionally like they wish their mamma had. But she didn't. But throw in a little bad treatment and some silence so they don't forget how great u are and fall into the trap of taking u for granted. Oh and definately sex, lots of it.. like Owen said..

    by Island Spice 2006-Dec-13 

  6. Owen, the second statement, part two is whack! Men cry for sex and pride themselves on being "da man" when it comes to that. We as women know dam well that sometimes once you pop, the fun STOPS!
    Call us, the liberated ones greedy if you wish.

    by Tami 2006-Dec-13 

  7. I'm confused by your rambling

    by owen 2006-Dec-13 

  8. hmm owen and leons first comments basically hit it on the head.. thats all you really need.. other than that i dunno.. oh wait..

    family life gotta be strong.. i like the idea of family.. wish it work how i want it to though..

    by taylor 2006-Dec-15 

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    by Becky 2009-Jul-29