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written by owen on 2006-Jul-02.

All I remember is thinking I wanna be like them. The auto insurance bastards actually wanted to charge me $125,000 JMD for one year of comprehensive insurance. Reason being that my license in only 11 months old and I have failed the mandatory drug test they administered to me over the phone. Lesson learned? get your drivers license as soon as possible. I never understood before, I never knew what love was for. The also asked how much the car cost. I told them $500,000 JMD. Another company said that they don't even give insurance to anybody with a drivers license less that 2 yrs old.
A female friend of mine (with herpes) said that they also take the cost of the car and the fact that I am 25, unmarried, computer programmer, with a blog, no kids, lots of free time, no steady girlfriend, account on wheels, no house, into account.

Coupled with the fact that 2 serious accidents occurred in Kingston and Ocho Rios recently. The wheelsjamaica people are on a "drive slow" but no body listens. Tamika promised to sell me her 98 civic hatch, bitch car, with sun roof when she gets back - pray for me. For $450,000 with 130,000 miles on the clock, Its green - not a hype color but I guess I could get some stickers and make it look all "fast and the furious". I hope nobody steals it before I get to buy it or nodody steals it during or after I buy it. Debie at General Automotive Insurance says she can get me better deal ($88,000) . Never judge a company by its old website. She could tell from my voice that I'm high. Your bueatiful.

How by the time ATI comes around I'll have a car and be able to make plans for the next one i.e. if I don't crash and die. Surrender my soul. Its a Bitter Sweet Symphony thats life, try make ends meet, your a slave to the money then you die. I have a girlfriend that gets all pissed when I refer to life a series of obvious misfortunes and says that what ever you say "is very powerful". I reply by saying that the Lord works in mysterious ways and you can't go around thinking that your not going to die suddenly. All things come to those who wait. Have a little faith. I am not cynical, I'm objective. I might have pushed her too far - I am sorry.

Currently the Jamaican Dollar JMD is almost $67.00 to $1 USD. :(

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  1. Owen... I love reading your website. I seriously do. I look forward to your updates. Thanks for that.

    I might be coming to Jamaica. Seriously Mann. Is where you live have any resort like places to go?? How much do you smoke? How much is, say 28 grams?

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jul-02 

  2. Grams? what are grams?

    resort like places'd strike a better deal if you stay on the north coast but they don't let tourists wonder out of the compound.

    contra-band on the other hand is illegal and once they see a white dude they going to charge you a large amount of money. No certainty of getting your hands on that out here and plus I hear smoking is bad for your kidneys.

    by owen 2006-Jul-03 

  3. That is one PRETTY Civic in your banner pic! Wow! I wonder how much it'd cost to spray my car like that?

    by mad bull 2006-Jul-03 

  4. I don't know, I suppose the car is mostly back at the base and the green and yellow sprayed on later. Or even cheaper yet you could use stickers.

    by owen 2006-Jul-03 

  5. lawd! you are a mess. insurance isn't any better here in New Jersey my youth.

    by aurie 2006-Jul-07 

  6. Owen, use Geico. You can trust the lizard ;-)

    by twovthree 2006-Jul-10 

  7. As a young male driver insuring for the first time with a recent license and zero "No Claim Bonus" all the odds are going against you.

    My premium for the auto this year was 33G. The 125G quote is about what I pay for house insurance per annum!

    Good luck in your quest to find a reasonable deal.

    by doctord 2006-Jul-10 

  8. @twovthree we can't get Geico out here in the wilderness

    @doctord $88,000 sounds like the lowest I'm gonna get. I'm going pay down on it over a 6 month period.

    by owen 2006-Jul-10 

  9. you suck sluts. you're a whore for not updating sooner, ass cheese.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jul-11 

  10. there are only 2 words that I block

    by owen 2006-Jul-11 

  11. yeah. i see that you cock.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jul-12 

  12. how is the spam situation going?

    by owen 2006-Jul-13 

  13. Yes Owen, I see you've learned the hard way, "get your licence as soon as possible or you will pay". They tried to pull that shit on me too when I bought my car. My licence was only 11 months old too, but I man sweetup the broker and mek shi pull 2 strings and fotunately the company I work for has a plan for employees with the insurance company. An things are worse now since the insurance hike.

    by Stunner 2006-Jul-16 

  14. Yow, Owen. Blog something new nuh? I'm getting withdrawal symptoms!

    by mad bull 2006-Jul-17 

  15. I've been working on some stuff at work - its drawing all of my creative energy

    by owen 2006-Jul-17 

  16. YES OWEN. Blog something NEW.

    spam has been kept underwraps somehow. i tricked them into thinking the comments are actually closed for some older posts (not the case as of yet). theres no check to make sure, it just doesnt display the comment form for older posts.

    by michael_halvorsen 2006-Jul-17 

  17. I think my obsession with getting a ride has taken a toll on my ability to constructively think about anything else.

    by owen 2006-Jul-17 

  18. Ok, can I send you a topic or two? Come on, man! The people can't take the waiting anymore. By the way, do you think you will be able to make the blogger linkup?

    by Mad Bull 2006-Jul-19 

  19. yeah ok, linkup, sure just name the time and the place.

    I think I might be blogged out, send a topic or two or better questions.

    by owen 2006-Jul-19 

  20. Don't worry Owen after couple years of driving you'll earn No-Claim bonus, this is just the rough part.

    by Gelas words 2006-Jul-29