Boss High

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written by owen on 2024-May-21.

I have been really bad at updating the log book due to being lazy or habitually taking pictures all the freaking time. But I cannot complain, it is addictive; like a new age drug that you inject right into your sub concious brain. I need to balance it out but alas as with any drug you get sucked in sink or drown or whatever the water gives you. You need to spend your time doing something - might as well do something you enjoy. No regrets.

Nothing really matters in the end. All that matters are the things you give away for free and the people you help along the way. The experiences are bus stops along the way. A random sequence of occurrences lined up in a neat little row for your enjoyment or suffering. Or both.

Being thorough and patient often is its own curse. Once I find something I like I end up in a sort of corner where I have eliminated all other options and nothing else can quite live up to that thing that I found. I often find myself going back to the state where I had not found that thing - just for the kicks. But then always ending up at the same end zone: Hoping for a different result. Amazed at how amazing everything is but the amaze is limited to that one thing that is not even that amazing but is close enough.

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