Tearing Me Up

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written by owen on 2024-Jan-04.

The older I get the less I like this time of year. For more reasons than one but it symbolises the beginning of the start of the gradual tumble towards my next birthday. It's a "here we go again" period where we all watch home alone 2 then do things that other people want to do again instead of interesting new and out of season things.  The season rules us.

I am either creating new stuff or I am enhancing something old. Little by little. It is no longer enough for me to be happy and entertained. I need new dimensions. And if something doesn't work out I just pick up and move on to the next objective because nothing is set in stone. Everything is a give and take. A win or lose.  All I have to do now is push out my start of year stuff - hopefully faster than last year.

A KFC line is a special meeting place of Jamaicans of all walks of life.  I often wonder why everyone is here - what drives people to subjugate themselves to this infinite stream of chicken.  8 out of 10 times I will join the line instead of the drive-through because I just prefer to waste as little as possible while doing nothing.  Plus you never know what long lost relative you will meet or who you will see in the KFC line.  Its just better, its suffering.

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