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written by owen on 2024-Feb-18.

Being thorough and patient often is its own curse.  Once you find something you like you end up in a sort of a corner where you have eliminated all other options and nothing else can quite live up to that thing that you found.  I often find myself going back to that unfound state, then searching endlessly but always ending up at the same place.  Hoping for a different result.  Amazed at how amazing everything is but then narrows down to that one thing that is not even that amazing but is close enough.  It's just how I am.

You will rarely catch me talking about my personal projects.  Its not because I do not like talking about them but because I dont want them to become "work".  I just do them because they peek my interest at the time.  The last thing I want is somebody to ask me about it every time they see me.  Especially when I am not actively in the zone of that project.  Some of my projects are really rapid fire, quick stops in the bathroom while others are multi-year collect-a-tons.

There is this one bar that I have been wanting to take a picture of for about a week now.  I saw a project on insta.  The trick is that the picture only works if the bar is closed.  But the place never seems to be closed!   I went there on a sunday morning at 8am and it was open with dudes hanging out washing a car in front.  I went there on Ash Wednesday at 10am - it was open.  5pm after work and yup - its open.   I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

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