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written by owen on 2023-Nov-05.

You will never catch me saying something like "from 2 summers ago". That concept of time is simply too far from my consciousness nowadays because I live in a constant state of doom for the crosses that will come along in the future. There is so much work to do but so little time to do it all. So I try to stay chill and use my energy to produce as much as I can. If I am not passionate about something I will probably put it off to a later date.

I bought a timex expedition solar scout. Main reason is because I am hoping that it lasts the 10 years that they say on the box. It recently popped into my mind that my current chronograph watch might need a new battery soon, and I figure that I should just buy something more practical and simple. I don't remember what led me down the path of solar watches but I am here now. An automatic watch would be cooler but they are much more expensive. Single hand analog watch - look it up - it will blow your mind.

The new watch has a very loud tick which I knew before buying it. I need to post a review on amazon. I love reading amazon reviews. The AI reviews are trash. AI is just another pie in the sky tech. Read the article I wrote like 50 years ago. But in case this changes "AI reviews love reading on amazon". You only hear the tick if the room is very very quiet, It ticks like a wall clock. The tick is growing on me. I will buy a nato strap for it at some point,

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