Love will tear us apart

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written by owen on 2023-Oct-04.

There is a growing movement of dis-illusionists that seem to think that there are things that exist in time and space that are purely advantageous. At first I thought on my use of the term "dis-illusion" or "disillusionment", thinking that I may have chosen the wrong term to describe a mindset of excessive and often reckless "positivity". But as I spin the word around in my head it becomes more evident that the problem is not positivity in-it-self. The problem might be the act of thinking that the "next thing" is 98% better than the current thing. And that simply moving from one state to another is enough to solve the current problem.

Actually, there maybe no better state. The possibility exists that we may be swapping a brown dog for a black puss in a bad. One never knows. The critical mind would look deeper and ponder if they what truly matters is that which is being said or what is left unsaid is what in the end - truly matters. Nothing matters but still you have to do something. Something must be done but what?

I was going to write this as a full on article but I do not want to belabour the point. Everything has a disadvantage whether you choose to see it or not. It might be looking you in the face or it might be in the back of your mind. But it is there, it has to be there because such is the nature of reality. You have to be cruel to be kind. But do not fool yourself in the ignorance. You have to learn from your past so that you do not repeat it. And if you chose to repeat it; you do so armed with both eyes wide open.

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