Destiny movie review (Jamaican film)

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written by owen on 2014-Oct-15.

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‎I decided to check out Destiny staring Christopher Martin and Karian Sang on the movie's Wednesday premier showing.   I had only heard about the movie last week on twitter.  I went early because I knew for certain that Carib5 would be bursting at the seams with Jamaicans rushing out to support a local film. Lol. To no surprise there were about 10 people in the theatre.‎
I arrived early to suffer through advertisements and standing while the national anthem played instrumental ( why is there no lyrics? ). 

Right off the bat the movie suffers from overuse of random popular music, and too many jump cuts in the dialog sequences.  Lots of Stereotypical Jamaican clichés. Stealth advertisements. Over acting and under acting.   Pointless side plots.
It's a nice little movie with a few laughs scattered between guest cameos.‎ For all those people asking for Jamaican movies not filled with shottas then yall should go out and watch this. 7 out of 10.  Not great, but ehh, it can watch.

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  1. Hmm, the way you describe it sounds like maybe a 5 out of 10, max, not a 7.

    by Nina 2014-Dec-21 

  2. There is fun to be had in a few parts and it's shot in Jamaica so it gets the extra points

    by owen 2014-Dec-21