Interstellar Movie Review

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written by owen on 2014-Nov-15.

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Interstellar is a long, drawn out movie that gets good towards the end. It almost crashes and burns at one point but thank heavens that it kept going long enough to actually finish tell‎ing it's story. 

Interstellar is a very good movie. It goes hard into science fiction and theoretical physics without making too many dumb mistakes or unnecessary shortcuts.  ‎Nolan knows how to tell a story.   9 out of 10. Must watch. Long and boring but worth the trip for space science nerds only.  

A slow ride into nothingness, probably my movie of the year.‎
Some notable quotes;‎
He's gonna be a good farmer.  We are our children's ghosts. Shoot you out the airlock.

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  1. i love space.. i find it hard to keep watching this after 10 min.. will try though based on ur review

    by Anonymous 2015-May-04