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written by owen on 2016-Apr-08.

It is the spring and the ants have come out in thier numbers as if I had put up a "for-rent" sign on a luxury apartment - breakfast included. Time does make you bolder. No habla espanol. There is absolutely nowhere that you can leave an empty wrapper that they won't find in a matter of minutes. Tu Como? I came home to find them eating tomato ketchup. Now it is all out war.

I started watching Netflix the other day. The thing with netflix is that I have already watched all the movies on cable and I am not interested in watching seasons that tell the same stories over and over; the indecisive hero, the outlaw, the complicated mass murder or the man with a secret past. I like that it allows me to watch old movies but Dey-ja-vu is not an experience that like to wallow in. I am sticking with cable.

I am also going to try to reduce my tendency to be a killjoy. I realize that people NEED an escape from reality and they do not want someone constantly reminding them of the speed of light, time and physics. I am going to live in the moment of your lack of objectivity. Ignorance is bliss. Somethings make us human and one is that we do not share the same reality in our heads. Our perspective on things that matter and things that are important are not aligned to any kind of axis. Things intersect, converge, collide and change in the real and in our minds and everything will be fine in the future.

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