Unloading a 747 full of jellybeans (programming)

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written by owen on 2016-Apr-05.

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The answer right off the bat would probably be "Google it". Unless you have had prior experience with large airplanes or have just time traveled from the future. The aviation authority does not approve of unauthorized people around their airplanes so this could be an NSA agent you are talking to.

Those points aside if you had the chance to use google then it would show that the question is a trick but let's say you can't use the internet; you would have to evaluate if it the question is genuine
or if it's a trick.

In this case the question seems like a trick question.        Correct answers to any trick question requires or depends on the Presupposition of whether the person can tell me if; "am I batman or superman?".

Then you move on from there;

I am the Batman

Being Batman I would open all the exits of the plane then use my Batcopter to hoist the plane high in the air therefore using gravity to cause all the jellybeans to fall out. Causing minimal damage to the 747.

I am Superman

With great strength and inhuman speed I could probably remove every jelly bean from the 747 by hand in a couple minutes. Requiring no help or special tools.

I am neither Batman nor Superman

In this case the I would have to evaluate my surrounds a little more to determine the proper course of action;

I am in a job Interview

Do I want to work for someone/company that asks people random trick questions in interviews? Maybe, Maybe not, seems like dick move. You might just want to get up and politely excuse yourself from the interview. In either case you will have to rely on your interpersonal skills to get the upper hand in this situation. Try to gauge what the person wants to hear and play it back to them. If they seem to be old-school - be old school. If they are playing the I'm "hip on social media cloud internet of all things" then say you will launch a kickstarter or something along those lines. Learn to read people especially HR and marketing people. Match wits.

I am hanging with friends

Are they trying to sucker me into another one of their crazy business ventures? Will we profit from this business idea that they are seeking my input. This may require some kind of profit sharing agreement before another word is said.

I am on social media

You are wasting your time and probably should be doing something more productive.


Trick questions are no fun and most of them are entertainment.

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