My Love is Killing Me

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written by owen on 2004-Aug-16.

I really should cut my hair this week at somepoint if I get around to it. It's been a couple a months since my last confession I think and it reaching the point where my hair is begining to eat into my skull and give me nightmares. I am not one to really care about up keep but security guards stop me too often at banks and armored security check points. I consider it my bad boy slash unemployed- drunk look which I use to avoid the sunday school teachers I so ever often pick-up on the way from the city. Justify my thug?

It does not affect me much since I only see it when I look in the mirror. Life is a continous list of tasks that help to keep us from burning and looting, sometimes you just delay the tasks abit. I had a watch lost it - several times.

The news is something I watch on a case by case basis, unless I happen to see it as I pass. I don't know. There is voilence and crime everywhere but there are just some "endz" you don't want to go, at night or on sunday or anytime whatsoever.

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  1. don't you see violence on the streets? on the buses?

    btw, just how lon gis your hair?

    by yamfoot 2004-Aug-16 

  2. i havn't cut my hair in over a year. haircuts are overused :-)

    by roseability 2004-Aug-16 

  3. it's not long, just uncontrollable like space aliens.

    by owen 2004-Aug-17 

  4. What would happen if we added burning and looting to the task list? Would the now become a part of life? Or are you dead while doing it?


    by Marc DM 2004-Aug-18 

  5. why didnt you post a pic of your unruly hair, that would have really helped.

    I havent cut my hair for 10 months and havent combed it for 2.

    Its not unkempt or dirty as I do wash it and still it regularly

    Grooming is overated.

    by Tarik 2004-Aug-28 

  6. I actually thought of doing that but then I didn't.

    by owen 2004-Aug-28