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written by owen on 2004-Aug-10.

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On August 6 2004 my little country turned 42. That is it's been independent of britain (or wherever) for like 42 years. Whether independence is a good thing or not matters little - it gives people something to celebrate plus no body really hates us - that in itself is something to celebrate. It will take another hundred or so years before we can start freeing people in far eastern countries from ruthless, weird mad dictators. I trust all the festivities went well and everybody made it through the day, alive to die another day.
And I'm not going to get all patriotic on you and start saying that my milkshake is better that yours. I'm not very patriotic, though by saying this it might affect my chances of later becoming president, I'm going to say it anyway - I will just that I was young foolish and under the influence of evil dancehall music. I might as well have been born in a hut in greenland for all I care. I am not saying this a bad place to be or that it is perfect but it does rain. And when it rains - it pours. I am not using rain as so form of figurative symbol or anything. (I know what your thinking, stop it now)
Now as we celebrate over independence, aging one year closer to nuclear technology, Subways, legalised prostitution and a stable economy. Let us reflect on the past and hope the best for the future. And visit jamaica we need your money. I should visit japan, some day (as well). Not on a tour or anything, just to hang around for a bit - outside of my skin get lost in translation for a bit.

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  1. happy 42nd birthday jamaica. a break from england is worth celebrating. we do it every july 4th. seems a lot of countries celebrate breaking away from the little island that used to be powerful, now they just piggy back on everything we say. funny how things turn out.

    i'm going to visit jamaica. don't know when, but its been a place i've wanted to visit for sometime now. not as a stop on a bullshit cruise either, actually visit jamaica. same goes for japan, but when i go to japan, i'm going to save my money and buy a bunch of stuff cheap. cool electronic stuff.

    on another note, 'lost in translation' was a good movie. why, i don't know, but it was good. hard to explain.

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-10 

  2. watched it on showtime last saturday. my 20 yr old nephew said

    why has he not slept with her yet?

    I said "I don't know" and he stopped watching it, at some point, before it ended.
    Oh yeah and there is a weather anomaly heading my way so, good night. (pic updates every 30 minutes)

    by owen 2004-Aug-10 

  3. please take pictures with your digital camera!!!

    by michael halvorsen 2004-Aug-10 

  4. it rained a bit, well a lot, no biggie. Nothing much to take a photo of.

    by owen 2004-Aug-12 

  5. hey, leave off my country!

    by enigma 2004-Aug-12 

  6. hey owen. visit PNG [you know where it is, rite?]! we're 29 in septemba! lol.. WE need YO money too - possibly even more since we've got sumfink like a major economic crisis at the mo..
    but go jamaica anyways! lol.

    by me 2004-Aug-13 

  7. I have nothing against england or papua new guinea. Theres nothing but love here.

    by owen 2004-Aug-13