The ps3 Sucks

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written by owen on 2009-Jun-29.

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So lets go back in time just before the ps3 released. Now I know that some of you fan boys won't aggree with me but at least you have to admit that there would no argument against the ps3's greatness if what I'm going to tell you were true. Now as you may realize I like to play old games and some of the old ps2 games are among the best games ever made (even better than current ps3 games).

Ok here goes. I don't want any silly arguments about how Sony is genius, this is all part of a "master plan" and its the best system EVER! The system was clearly developed in some sort of secret bobble.

What the ps3 should have been at launch;

  • Sony should have released the ps3 with Good (maybe not perfect) Backward Compatibility and a 20 gig harddrive for $400 dollars. Not carefully planning BC is the reason why there are still good reasons to buy a ps2 over buying a new ps3.

  • released a 160gig ELITE version for $600 dollars with 2 controllers, and the ability to copy/run ps1 games from the hard rive. As result having only 2 versions on the market.
  • 2 controller ports on the front (for ps1/ps2 dual shock controllers) and 2 ps2 memory card slots. The ps2 controller is probably 99% the same as the ps3 controller (and in some cases arguably 100% better)
  • A more programmer friendly architecture or have it run parallel to the cells.
  • At least 10 old ps2 greatest hits games re-released with high definition graphics at launch ( don't act like that wouldn't be sweet ). Ico, God of War, GT3 & 4 etc same game just prettier. I would pay 30$ for GT3 HD running at 60fps. Nintendo does this ALL THE TIME!
  • Copied the achievement thing from the Xbox.

There you have it the things that would have made the PS3 rule the world at launch. Killing the ps2 and hurting the xbox360. Nintendo just got lucky with the wii. But instead, the Ps3 has become the Sega Staturn of this generation.

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