Satisfaction Only $550 JMD

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written by owen on 2010-Feb-18.

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1 Festival, 3 pieces of ripe plantain, chicken leg and thigh, Callaloo rice, veges, packet of sauce and Soda = $550 JMD. Sunglasses not included. Well at least I am satisfied, not sure about other people. What you think? Hmm...Food Section?

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  1. I could do with one less piece of chicken

    by Gods Child 2010-Feb-18 

  2. each piece of chicken is unique. and its not a very fat chicken either so its almost like one piece.

    by owen 2010-Feb-18 

  3. ketchup on rice? and No I am not saying anymore.

    by Jammy 2010-Feb-18 

  4. wats wrong with ketchup on rice? ketchup makes everything better!

    by owen 2010-Feb-21 

  5. It looks good. #Win

    by Gordon Swaby 2010-Feb-18 

  6. this is not twitter!

    by owen 2010-Feb-21 

  7. OMG! Mi hongry an you just ah tease me wid the Island Grill!

    by madbull 2010-Feb-19 

  8. Bwoy, mi woulda rub some a dat right now !!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2010-Feb-20 

  9. Food has gotten so darn expensive now a days,$500 can't buy food and send you to and fro work again like back in 07. Sadness.

    Thats way too expensive, check out Tsangs and get a 3 bills food and see if u can eat that off in one go.

    That's satisfaction

    by Tami 2010-Feb-22 

  10. I like it for its sides. Some places just throw a ton a rice into a container.

    by owen 2010-Feb-23 

  11. The plantains and festival? Really?

    by Tami 2010-Feb-25 

  12. I prefer barbecue chicken to the jerk...looks better but much sweeter.

    Why u tempting your readers?

    by Corve DaCosta 2010-Mar-01 

  13. barbeque chicken is too messy

    by owen 2010-Mar-01