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written by owen on 2010-Jan-04.

Another year passes and I have yet again failed to learn and memorize every single detail of everyone of my friends. I can only hope to become a better person this year. Knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I am a real late starter. I see the floor and it needs sweeping, the world it keeps turning. You would think that getting to know everybody would be simple with the six-zillion people connected to me on stalker-book. Leaving little bible verses for me everyday, selling me cows, showing me pictures of their prized items/children/insecurities/boobies. But such is not the case. All it has done is given me more lists to manage, people to transform and questions to ask.

I am not going to do a recap the year's best posts or the best of you. It would only make me re-read things I have already written, make mistakes where there are none, taint the bueaty that lies in the mind of the beholder. I will program a way to auto-magically do it next year (if I get around to actually doing it). I am a real late starter. I'm making up for lost time.

All I can be is thankful but I still have a weird feeling that I have done this before. My beard keeps growing back, not sure why, since I keep cutting it and the prices for hair cuts keep getting higher and higher. I still haven't found that deserted island with no mirrors. I am not sure if I am getting better or worst. I used to be so nice. I ran out of ketchup and the little packets in the fridge have been in there for more than a year. Dilemma.

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  1. Boobies? Did someone say boobies?

    by mad bull 2010-Jan-05 

  2. shhhh, no so loud! [innocent]

    by owen 2010-Jan-08 

  3. If your beard stopped growing, you would instantaneously want it back without first thinking of the costs involved.

    Don't cry for the price of hair cuts, instead be thankful you are not a female, our hairdresser bills are 3x higher than yours. You can use bath soap to wash your hair and still have it shine, a good bottle of Shampoo costs like $500.00. Be grateful for small mercies and explore your island more this year.Take me along.

    by Tami 2010-Jan-05 

  4. I don't see your point, I could always pencil it in with a black marker

    by owen 2010-Jan-06 

  5. Owen,I like the new format !!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2010-Jan-08 

  6. new year, new theme!

    by owen 2010-Jan-08 

  7. Love the new look! It rocks! You don't want to design a new facebook theme for me?

    by mad bull 2010-Jan-08 

  8. hmmm facebook doesn't have themes

    by owen 2010-Jan-08 

  9. Enjoyed this post, Owen.

    by Heavy Logix 2010-Jan-09 

  10. took me like a whole week to write it and I STILL got the title wrong. It should be gently not slowly. So it go, I not changing it.

    by owen 2010-Jan-11