1. not a damn thing...........

    by marangand 2008-Apr-14 

  2. something conjectural

    by Gods Child 2008-Apr-14 

  3. haahahahah, chicken. hiding behind big words are we?

    by owen 2008-Apr-14 

  4. not literary
    but literal
    I'm waiting for a real question

    by Gods Child 2008-Apr-15 

  5. Touché, would you care to enlight on the makeup of the aforemention real question? I thought all you need was a question mark.

    by owen 2008-Apr-15 

  6. Technically all you do need is a question mark. However, your question's subject has so many potentional interpretations that it is rendered rhetorical, i.e. not meant to be answered.

    by Gods Child 2008-Apr-17 

  7. well I expected an answer which means therefore its not a rhetorical question. Maybe you rendered it rhetorical because your mind couldn't settle on an appropriate answer? Then in such a case I win. [confident] outwitted have we been?

    by owen 2008-Apr-17 

  8. I'd wear less clothes.

    by Tami 2008-Apr-14 

  9. a wah kina eediat question dis???

    by ID 2008-Apr-15 

  10. this is the point where you put down your hair brush and pick up a dictionary. I really didn't think this question was that hard. really, I didn't.

    by owen 2008-Apr-15 

  11. Hypothetically speaking?

    by mad bull 2008-Apr-15 

  12. lol, if your in a hypothetical situation then more than likely everything you do in it would be hypothetical.

    by owen 2008-Apr-15 

  13. Wah????

    by Stunner 2008-Apr-16 

  14. lol
    clearly him a sniff coke
    bout hairbrush

    by id 2008-Apr-17 

  15. how was I to know that you don't brush your weaves?

    by owen 2008-Apr-17 

  16. imagne what it would be like not to be in it ... DUH!!!

    by bobby 2008-Jul-29