April 2008

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written by owen on 2008-Apr-10.

Well the news site has been up for about a month now, still abit hard for my mom to use. I added a news RSS feed as well.

I have a GTalk box in the sidebar which allows people to chat with me whenever I have google talk open. Testing that out abit.

I changed the image paths in the RSS feed hopefully everybody is seeing the images now.

Links to youtube are now automagically converted to video objects. So if you want to post a video just put the youtube link in the description text and the website will do the rest.

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  1. The news site is very interesting. I visit it relatively often for information.Wishing your mom the best in learning how to use it.Keep up the good work brethren.RESPECT!!

    by ESTEBAN AGOSTO REID 2008-May-03 

  2. working on it. but I do seem to have too many categories though [nasty]

    by owen 2008-May-04