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written by owen, published 2006-Jan-17, comment

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On the way to Portland, Jamaica.

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Gods Child commented: forgive my ignorance--it's not Rose Hall is it? ... read 6 more


written by owen, published 2005-May-30, comment

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Drove by this ship 2004_03_07. It is stuck near Black River, Jamaica. I am not too sure exactly where, been there a good while.

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madbull commented: Not that long... last time I passed by there it was n't there, and that was since MBJr. was born, so thats less than five years ago... Wow, you quick with the remember me stuff eeeh? I must find some web app building work for you, you know... ... read 17 more

amish drive buggys

written by michael_halvorsen, published 2005-Apr-29, comment

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we have amish people here in the states, expecially in southern ohio. they like to drive buggys instead of cars.

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alexis commented: i've lived in indiana for about a year, and i see them once and a while. when i first moved here i was like.. wtf is this?! lol. ... read 9 more

dog likes it when you sing

written by michael_halvorsen, published 2005-Apr-24, comment

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on the way out of chicago on our recent roadtrip, my friend brandan baki sang some journey. a dog in a nearby car liked it and tried coming out of the car. picture taken in car.

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Naresh commented: Dont mind if it is offensive but the singer has capability to attract even dogs ... read 2 more


written by owen, published 2005-Apr-24, comment

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This is image is a part of a new photo project called "Drive By". Not really sure where I going with this one yet. If you have pictures send them.

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