Love Spell

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written by DLBG on 2007-Apr-25.

I heard a song yesterday which just stuck in my head. The title was "I put a spell on you". It basically spoke of a man who put a spell on a woman while she was asleep then when she awoke she was in love with him. Now my first Victoria Secret set was love spell. I still have a set now. It's really nice, I wonder though if it gets up into your nose while you are asleep, if it will cast a spell on you. O.k. I have officially gone crazy, because I am quite amused now. LOL.

Anyway in a way scents can cause you to have illusions of grandeur about a person. Yep every time you smell that scent the person comes to mind. I don't know but lately I have been pretty obsessed with all these damn accessories called scents. Now I have too much. They are nice though. Maybe I will mix them up and come up with a magic potion.

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  1. Wait! DBGirl, is it really you? Wow! The way I read Owen, I thought he would keep his blog secret from people close to him... see how you can draw the wrong conclusions from knowing someone via a blog. [confident]

    by Mad Bull 2007-Apr-28 

  2. Yeah it is me, it was a secret, knew of its existence but the address was withheld from me. Anyway the social piranha has taken over and the Dirty Bank Girl is on the DL.

    by DLBG 2007-May-02 

  3. Welcome, DLBG...its been a long time coming. the site's address could be held secret no longer huh? Yep the vice grip's loosened. Blessed...

    by theprince 2007-May-02 

  4. hmm the infamous bank girl.. much i have read about the. Your crazy writings above proves them to be of true nature.

    love potions are easy.. go to this restaurant called the hot pot. steal a cauldron and get to work.

    by taylor 2007-May-03