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written by owen on 2007-Mar-24.

I was walking back across the open lot after buying Chinese food. It was dusk and the rain was drizzling rather slowly but enough for me to feel it hitting my face and making the ear near my nose cold as I whisper. As I left people standing in the shelter I thought this would be a really poetic way to get sick and die WITH PURPOSE. In the pursuit of happiness. My morbid nature keeps me centered, objective and focused like a rabid monkey. I know it pisses you off. I'm short on money, restless, I need to visit the bank, I haven't been there in a while.

I do tend to push the boundaries a bit when I write. It is always open for interpretation. I don't take myself too seriously for I might miss out on a good opportunity to write something truly new and original. Rather than something teach-ed, lol. I am a man of many parallel seasons. I wait for bad things to happen. People really dont mean a thing to me, as long as they are happy I am ok. Dont give me your cross to bare I have enough. Don't weigh me down. I thrive on sunshine. But seriously, because your old enough to be my mother doesn't mean that our love is not ment to be, our star not ment to shine, nor that the children which come forth from our incest would not have good hair. Pull me out of your crash.

As I'm sitting he contemplating how I'm going to have a good week, this week. I run through the old news on my laptop. I had set my cellphone ring tone to the ask-a-ninja jingle. I was surprised as to how much hearing the sound of it ring effects my emotion. It is as if my mind has programmed itself into reacting to the sound of the little device. As if I sit waiting for it ring, so that I can pick it up like a small child in my arms. A day old child that is controlled by an evil spawn of satan, bent on leaving me waiting indefinitely. Mental Slavery. Long sentence. As a test, I went into the settings and made it ring - it feels good, for absolutely no reason at all. Effect is a funny thing. This week is happy week. Any suggestions as to how I should spend it?

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  1. You could "Live Red" for the whole week.

    Ok, thats probably not a good suggestion. What do you like to do? Just do that, plenty. If you get bored eventually, mix it up. Do the thing you like to do second best for awhile.

    Have fun and be prepared to write a 500-word post on how you spent the week next Saturday

    by Mad Bull 2007-Mar-25 

  2. agree with madbull i know you like photography go take super random shots

    by taylor 2007-Mar-25 

  3. enjoy!

    by Island Spice 2007-Mar-25 

  4. Day 2 and its not going so good at all

    by owen 2007-Mar-26 

  5. how long u off hun? I coming to Jamaica on the weekend. You can test the holding power of my hair ;)

    by Island Spice 2007-Mar-26 

  6. My weekends are free. I'm up for anything if you can get me some free tickets and its not too far from public transit.

    by owen 2007-Mar-26 

  7. what is this good hair foolishness you keep talking about? Is there such a thing as better hair? best hair? Is there hair that hides around a corner and sticks you up for your money and fine jewelry? I didn't think so. Jah Jah put my hair on my head and it is the best hair. Even if my hair is picky picky or tough like kaya.

    by Gods Child 2007-Mar-26 

  8. good hair is easier to grab and hold during certain positions. while bad hair has better assets.

    by owen 2007-Mar-26 

  9. I'm going to assume you mean the hair is easy to grab when you are saving a lady from drowning after being washed overboard on a cruiseship. Right?

    by Gods Child 2007-Mar-26 

  10. As usual its a tentative explanation made to explain certain facts that requires further investigation to be verified. Of course thats what I mean, hypothetically.

    by owen 2007-Mar-26 

  11. HAHAHAH! GC you rock. Please write a post on this topic immediately!

    by Island Spice 2007-Mar-26 

  12. What does this have to do with sausage?

    by Leon 2007-Mar-28 

  13. It has nothing to do with sausage. Vienna is the largest city and the cultural and political centre of Austria

    by owen 2007-Mar-28 

  14. all i got to say is cool!!

    by Jessica 2007-Apr-07