1. Hanging with your friends kids... wonderfully fulfilling
    Returning said kids to their parents... priceless

    by OddOne 2007-Feb-25 

  2. I'm too young.

    by jrice 2007-Feb-25 

  3. @ odd one --lol indeed

    I heard im a mule or has the potential to be one. Then again im still a kid myself. I still like my Milo.

    by Tami 2007-Feb-26 

  4. not so sure it's a good idea

    by Gods Child 2007-Feb-26 

  5. 1. I can hardly feed myself...

    2. I like the idea of sleeping when and as long as i want to.

    3. They're nice and cute the first couple of years..when they reach 13+ ,thats it....

    by foxx 2007-Feb-26 

  6. Because I haven't met the right woman and I don't have the financial stability to raise one.

    by Leon 2007-Feb-26 

  7. wait wait, I have a better answer:
    because I am not a goat.

    by Gods Child 2007-Feb-26 

  8. sometimes your charmingly intelligent but now your just being silly [trouble]. One answer per person! why aren't you logged in?

    by owen 2007-Feb-26 

  9. In my case, the question is, "Why don't you have another one?". The answer is, "You sponsor the yute and I'd be glad to! [confident]

    by mad bull 2007-Feb-26 

  10. I wanted the freedom to be able to travel when I want, with whom I want. Besides, I knew my sister would be having, so that would be enough grand kids for the grandparents.

    Plus I just couldnt picture myself pregnant, and I didnt want the responsibility. I also didnt have the urge to see what my kids would look like.

    I will happily adopt.

    by Yamfoot 2007-Feb-27 

  11. yay adoption!
    Best of everything to you and god bless.

    by Gods Child 2007-Feb-28 

  12. I love kids, just can't have'm. I'm not in a place to adopt either.

    by faith 2007-Mar-01