1. Those who say no or that they don't are either lying or aren't human...

    by twovthree 2006-Dec-20 

  2. You know I'm up for any freaky research you doing so with the power of web search I've found some white people;

    The world is divided, I think, between those who admit to peeing in the shower, and those who do not. (There does exist a statistically insignificant portion of people who actually don’t pee in the shower. But these individuals are very sick persons who suffer from a compulsive disorder and they need not be accounted for in a general discussion such as this.) From Peeing In the Shower On You Tube?

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    I hope that helps.

    by owen 2006-Dec-20 

  3. Hey yo whaz up. I'm a girl and i always pee in the shower. like if i have to go i'll wait until i take a shower. Yeah you might think i'm werid but i do.
    p.s. i pee standing up like every time

    by sarah 2007-Dec-24 

  4. you should see what else I do in the shower!

    by Island Spice 2006-Dec-20 

  5. But won't the toilet paper get wet in the shower... I don't think it'll wipe that well when its wet... :)

    by mad bull 2006-Dec-21 

  6. no you just don't wep.

    by sarah 2007-Dec-24 

  7. when i was much younger, I did that VERY occasionally and I think it was only when I was in england and the living quarters in the hotel I was working in, had the toilets separate from the showers and it was usually cold there.

    but i think most people do at some point or other. but for those cleaning it, it's not a nice thing.

    by Yamfoot 2006-Dec-20 

  8. Everybody have done that if it is even once in their lives.

    by Stunner 2006-Dec-20 

  9. well said stunnery. I'm sure everybody has done that once or more in their lives..

    by taylor 2006-Dec-21 

  10. I don't see anything wrong with peeing in the shower whilst bathing with soap. In my estimation the soap helps clean the shower and anyway, I always give my shower a bit of a rinse after I shower and if I pee in there I stand right over the drain. What's the big deal?

    by Gods Child 2006-Dec-21 

  11. Mad Bull has peed in the shower... more than once too.

    by mad bull 2006-Dec-21 

  12. Who hasn't?

    by doctord 2006-Dec-22 

  13. I do it sometimes.. I have a problem when other people do it in my shower though.. especially when I am still in it and down stream from them.

    by Adrian 2006-Dec-26 

  14. Ewww, i cant ewwwww

    by Tami 2007-May-31 

  15. wow hardly bathe by yourself huh??? you living it up

    by bobby 2007-Dec-24 

  16. When I was much younger, and even then it was rarely. Its icky and grosses me out. Showers are showers and toilets are toilets.

    by Monique 2007-Jan-4 

  17. Isn't it natural to pee in the shower !!!???

    by bobby 2007-Dec-24 

  18. I dont think so Bobby. I think we just lazy and figure the shower will just wash it out either way. Everyone pee's in the shower.

    by Tami 2007-Dec-24 

  19. I pee in they shower all the time even if i just finsh peeing in the toilet...The water it self makes me go...I pee in the shower twice...When i go in and before i get out of the

    by Ivey 2009-Mar-2