1. Web design tricks 'n things.

    * Fitts's Law
    * CSS3 Anchor Highlighting
    * Rounded corners through -moz-border-radius

    by Mathias Bynens 2004-Dec-27 

  2. hmmm...I think I phrased the question incorrectly

    by owen 2004-Dec-27 

  3. so what should i do?

    by michael_halvorsen 2004-Dec-28 

  4. Fill in the blank with whatever you like, I decided to leave the question as is.

    by owen 2004-Dec-28 

  5. The traditions. I like the lights at Christmas, and spending time with family. Christmas is speacial every year. I love thinking, it's 2004. I don't know why, I guess it's just just the point I am at in my life.

    by molly 2004-Dec-30 

  6. Favourite sporting moment.....

    West Indies winning the finals of the ICC Champions Trophy in a fighting style.

    by yamfoot 2004-Dec-30 

  7. Taking artistic liscense and going with the most improved of 2004, two of my favorite TV shows have gotten much better this season. The West Wing is having it's best season since season 3, and T'Pol on Enterprise is finally acting more like a Vulcan and not a 16 year old Earth Girl :)

    by Van Holland 2004-Dec-30 

  8. cristiano ronaldo is the buffest out of the whole universe!

    by tahmina 2005-Jan-05