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written by owen on 2015-Mar-24.

Somethings are too new to be appreciated in the time that they are new and fresh. And others things are old, weathered and out of reach like a monkey in a very tall tree.  Live in the moment. Blow at the candle flame and watch the light flicker. Sometimes you treat me bad, sometimes you treat me good.   I do not know where I am on this roller coaster.   What can I do? I cannot get off.   I just have to ride it out.

I live in this strange place where I am not sure what anything really is or why anything is the way it is, so I cling unto the things I know until I find a way to end the sentence before I run out of words to describe the emptiness that is approaching. You are in a constant state of learning. Everything you ever wanted to know about silence. Life is your teacher and I am your puppet.

I like jazz and funk. From long time. The things I like do not hang on my shoulders, weighing me down.  In fact I like a lot of music. Time and a place. I wish I could remember it all at once and flex lyrical, sell like five hundred and work at foot locker. Do what makes me happy every single second of the day with the right monkeys. I am a soul man. I am your ghost.  I can preserve the past by pausing the future. I am looking to the sky to save me.

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