St Mary's Breadfruit Chips

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written by owen on 2014-Oct-27.

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I am happy to report that it does taste like breadfruit. It has a slight oilyness to it. And the chips are super thin which makes them hard and sharp. Some chips in the bag are better tasting than others - hopefully they improve the consistency in the future. Its not as the same as a potato chip or fried plantains but it certainly tastes good. 8 out of 10. Tastes better than cassava chips in my opinion!

Made in Jamaica.

P.S. I would recommend that they experiment with making a breadfruit flour, then baking a chip with the flour, so that they can better control the texture of the end resulting chip.

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  1. I need this :D I used to be addicted to the banana chips but they don't taste as great as they used to.... actually I bought all of their products and did a 'foodie review' on my blog a while back!

    by Ayo 2015-Mar-15 

  2. you probably grew out of it. banana chips hurt my gums

    by owen 2015-Mar-16