Loaded Fries from KFC

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written by owen on 2013-Mar-28.

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Every now and again I sin myself and I buy something from KFC. This can only be described as poison for the soul. The cheese tastes like radioactive residue and the bacon was probably shredded through a cheese grater. Avoid.

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  1. Try Wendy's Chilli Cheese Fry's. Those are BOSS.

    by Tami 2013-Mar-28 

  2. I am staying away from cheesy fries from now onwards

    by owen 2013-Mar-31 

  3. Owen, I am jealous of your picture, I wish I had taken the time to photograph mine before I threw it in the garbage. KFC here in Barbados is offering loaded fries but there is no bacon. These loaded fries are covered in a yellow goo that pretends to be cheese and then sprinkled with Bacos bits. They are absolutely horrible!!

    by Jaibojean, Barbados 2013-Aug-12 

  4. I don't know how this passes there tests

    by owen 2013-Aug-12