Soldanza Ripe Plantain Chips

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written by owen on 2011-Aug-09.

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I saw this new bag of chips from Costa Rica on the shelf of the super market. Dispite the fact that it tastes like real ripe plantains, I didn't like it too much. A co-worker suggested that they should not be salted - that salt does not go well with ripe. I don't know, it didn't catch on with me. I'll stick to the regular green plantain variety - its much better in my opinion.

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  1. sweet plantain chips are a bad thing. We should try to rid the earth of them. Some plantain chips that I buy make the extra effort to declare on the label "Not Sweet"!
    I thank them kindly.

    by Gods Child 2011-Aug-12 

  2. we didn't have any thing better to do.............

    by zayne 2011-Dec-13 

  3. this is the best chip i've eaten by far!!!!!!! Love love love love it!!!

    by Angie 2011-Dec-28 

  4. a real nice taste,but i agree with the first an last person,with the exception,of the salt,i personally wipe,all the salt i can get off the chips,people who are hypertensive,agree with me an we all do the same thing,why put salt on some thing sweet.there should be an unsalted option !!!!!!!!!!!

    by ali 2012-Feb-05 

  5. I am obssessed with these chips! Likkkee they taste yooo good to be from Earth

    by K 2012-Mar-02 

  6. I love these chips! One of the best, I've ever tasted!

    by simgill 2012-Mar-16 

  7. I love these chips they are GR8!!! Not oily--

    by Ally 2012-Mar-20 

  8. I dont know. I like em, as a matter, love.

    by Tami 2012-Mar-21 

  9. I Love it just the way it is I actually crave them!!!

    by Riri 2012-Apr-24 

  10. i love this snack soo much. I just wish we had this snack selling her in grenada. if this were selling in grenada ppl might not those from the vendors who made their own by themselves , but this plantain chips is best i ever tasted . love it

    by jami 2012-Oct-31 

  11. i love it , stop hating on it , its yummy

    by yummy yummy 2013-Apr-02 

  12. Yumy i love the taste of plantin chips me an my wife just enjoying it every day thanks to the company

    by Cd boy 2013-Jun-21 

  13. I love it! Its the best chip by far

    by addicted 2015-Mar-03