1. American Idol, Beyonce (I know she's not a thing but a person), playing loud music with the car windows down, E Readers, all the latest styles

    by Gods Child 2011-Jul-07 

  2. I hate the fad around Blackberrys. If you don't have one you're seen as ancient.

    I've been trying it out to see if it fits my style however i feel targetted on the road with it, like i can't use my own phone in public for the fear of being held up and robbed.

    I heard that a few years ago a student from UWI got cut up by a man on a get-a-way bicycle for one.

    by Tami 2011-Jul-13 

  3. hmmmmmmmmm
    can remember right now

    by Yahja 2011-Sep-11 

  4. Advertisments - EVERYWHERE

    by owen 2011-Dec-01 

  5. its like dis everyone ikes my greatest enemy

    by tanmaya 2012-Jul-13 

  6. Ackee! Blackberry phones!

    by Ayo 2012-Aug-29