The Four Seasons: Winter

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written by owen on 2010-Apr-22.

At times I miss the organized, routine structure of full time school and lunch money. Evening school is boring compared to the daytime possibility of someone getting into a fight then being suspended or the school getting burnt down by idlers. Everybody in evening school is tired and bored, wishing they were at home watching television. Daytime school is more chaotic and predictable at the same time. Perfect for people watching. I used to relish the times whenever I had free sessions between classes. I would sit idly and watch as the other students scrabbled to their classes or copied overdue homework assignments.

Usually everything would run like clockwork. But every now and again the power would go out or a teacher would be absent from class and for the lucky few; everything would grind to a pleasant halt. Time itself would stop and for that little time you were free. Old students would leave (never to be heard from again), new students would arrive (fresh faces to be tortured) and you are one step closer to the unknown end.

For some people school was a paid vacation. For me it was studying for one annoying test after another and surviving long enough without becoming the constant center of attention. I always hoped that this term would be the term when all the subjects were easy but there is always a diamond in the rough. That one subject sent from hell to make you miss the latest episode of Macgyver. If for nothing else but the fear of getting sent to dunce class next semester. I never aspired to be much but I certainly didn't want to be nothing at all. There was always a battle or a crush. Video games were expensive back in high school.

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  1. I used to sleep out classes when i went back to Utech to to my degree. Working and going to school does not mix.

    by Stunner 2010-Apr-27 

  2. have a boom before class, I hear they blow you up

    by owen 2010-May-01 

  3. 'Video games were expensive back in high school.'

    And thats why y'all took up the computers in the lab with counter strike every dam evening when i wanted to dl porn!

    by Tami 2010-Apr-30 

  4. every dam evening is a bit of a exaggeration

    by owen 2010-May-01 

  5. Ahhh... reminds me of my time at STGC! I did plenty of idling there. Good times.

    by mad bull 2010-May-01