1. It doesn't have to be your normal idea of a date though. Nope, doesn't have to be dinner and a movie...

    As an example, the question was actually asked on the radio here recently, and the DJ (a woman) said her perfect date would be for her and her date to go swimming with dolphins. Sounds pretty irie to me!

    So yeah, whatever you like, let it out. If you want you and your better / worse half to go get his & hers lap dances at your favourite titty bar, or whatever.

    Whats your dream date, pplz?!

    by mad bull 2009-Jan-24 

  2. Go to the Blue Mountains... ok, hiking at the Blue Mountains has just been on my mind lately. But I think that would be fun, right?

    by Stunner 2009-Jan-24 

  3. My dream date would be to give the guy a lie detector test. Perfect date. [innocent]

    by Tami 2009-Jan-24 

  4. I like Stunner's... Tami, you crazy, girl!

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-25 

  5. this seems like a females only question because if theres food, water and shelter then I'm pretty set [innocent]

    by owen 2009-Jan-26 

  6. I would be real and have fun and expect nothing, not even a phone call
    because sometimes the moment is just a moment which you can reminisce on for a lifetime

    by Gods Child 2009-Jan-27 

  7. Being real and having fun is good, but what unnu wouldah do? Thats what I wanna know!

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-31 

  8. driving range

    by Gods Child 2009-Feb-05 

  9. I think dream dates about chemistry, connection and the moment. Had to create, it just is....

    by Cranky Putz 2009-Jan-27 

  10. Perhaps salsa dancing lessons together with someone you have good chemistry with?

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-31 

  11. A viguorous hike talking about anything and everything. Then sit and enjoy the sunset before heading to a hard earned dinner a few beers.

    by Brea 2009-Jan-28 

  12. Sounds good.

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-31 

  13. Summer (dream dates don't happen in the winter)

    Food (preferably shellfish, some form of curry and some kinda mashed potatoes)

    Art (museum, gallery, photography, etc.)


    A passionate romp in the sack, or outdoors (mi nuh fussy)

    Him making me breakfast the next morning (a shrimp omelette)

    A second romp

    A cup of tea

    Then an indie/foreign flick or a volunteer event

    No wonder it's called a dream date...:(

    by Iyalode 2009-Jan-29 

  14. thats not a date! thats a trip across europe

    by owen 2009-Jan-29 

  15. Shrimp omelette?
    Volunteer event?
    I like the rest of it though. Owen, you sound like you'd be into quickies. ;^)

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-31 

  16. LMAO @ Madbull...Shrimp omelettes are the best! Ok, maybe crab or lobster omelettes are better. :)

    by Iyalode 2009-Feb-11 

  17. A dream date for me would be a nice dinner in a cozy restaurant where we can get to know each other and have a really good conversation. Afterwards we can take a walk somewhere then if we really hit it off then we can go back to my or his place where he can give me a really nice full body rub! hehehe.

    by Mawga 2009-Jan-29 

  18. Zeen, zeen... sounds like a normal date though...

    by Mad Bull 2009-Jan-31 

  19. my dream date would be a pinic, by a very small water fall that trickles into a pond that is also small and has rocks and streams away into an under ground channel, that you'd have to drive about 40miles to reach, and it must be very secluded. I have actually found one like that tooo

    by bobby 2009-Feb-11 

  20. Awright, Bobby, sounds good. You haffi walk wid you 9mm though... all that "seclusion" can lead to less than pleasant conclusions. ;-)

    by Mad Bull 2009-Feb-14