1. An old PC monitor and hope it miss.

    by dutty 2008-Dec-18 

  2. A boomerang, so i could throw it over and over again.

    by Gussie 2008-Dec-18 

  3. LMAO

    Owen Error: Is that all you can say; LMAO? are your fingers tired? Well your going to have to type some more.

    by Tami 2008-Dec-18 

  4. they only come back if they don't hit the target

    by Gods Child 2008-Dec-22 

  5. I would not throw a single thing at him.

    by faith 2008-Dec-22 

  6. a voting booth
    there are lots of broken ones hanging around from the 04 election

    by Gods Child 2008-Dec-22 

  7. lol i like GC's answer

    id throw the rest of my lunch so i dont eat anymore carb-filled dumplings

    by pepper 2008-Dec-23 

  8. An overflowing toilet.

    by Leon 2009-Jan-01 

  9. I would trash him

    by pandu 2009-Jan-18