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earth day 2008 - The random photo journal



  1. That's what I do with my supermarket plastic bags, they are my garbage bags...so see I recycle! But seriously we need to take care of our environment and we can start with those dam plastic soda bottles!

    by Stunner 2008-May-09 

  2. But Stunner, you're using plastic... Yes, you use it twice, but it still takes forever to break down in the dump. I'm not claiming I'm any better still, I do the same thing, but this isn't helping the planet.

    by mad bull 2008-May-10 

  3. yes, how would we get our trash to the dump without plastic bags? In many places it's illegal to burn it in your yard (and that hurts the environment too).

    by Gods Child 2008-May-12 

  4. I think the goal is to not have any trash at all. or as little as possible. maybe in the future we will have edible plastic bags. [friendly]

    by owen 2008-May-12 

  5. ew?

    wah kinda error dis? cho bombo
    "Is that all you can say; ew? ? you aren't much of a speaker are you?"

    by now its pepper 2008-May-13 

  6. obviously your not much of a reader either

    by owen 2008-May-13 



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