1. I'll soon change it back to the 2008 white. I hate the fact that people like the "2006 yearoftherat green" theme so much.

    by owen 2008-Jan-18 

  2. Man,irrespective of which one you decide on,2006 or 2008,your design skills are great.Both years and colours are copasetic.RESPECT!!

    by Esteban Agosto Reid 2008-Jan-18 

  3. I was wondering if Esteban was a blogger or an ardent commenter. Now I know.

    by Leon 2008-Jan-19 

  4. Leon,I do not have a blog,but I may design one in the medium term.I enjoy visiting your blog for various information, and of course, commenting on the various subjects or thoughts being discussed by you and other visitors to your site. By the way, your site is also a very well designed one.RESPECT!!

    by Esteban Agosto Reid 2008-Jan-19