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written by owen on 2008-Jun-10.

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The nephew bought this one - not sure why. Made with 100% real jamaican pineapples and callaloo. Other ingredients: ginger, purified water, cane sugar, sitrus and ascorbic acid, potassium cor-something, something. Tested by the scientific research council (SRC).

On the side it says;

Mystic Powers
Stand for something...
or fall for nothing
no one can make you feel inferior
without your permission

Then it goes on to explan what Jamaican callaloos and Pineapples are but I am sure you already know (and I caan badda type it)

Made by Mystic Juices, Island Healthcare (876)359-8256

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  1. I swear i totally digg your peculiar but interesting posts in my feed reader lol keep it up

    by Gordon Swaby 2008-Jun-12 

  2. There is NOTHING peculiar about a pineapple and callaloo drink post at all! I bet you that they are tons of people who like mixing fruits with veges into a drink.

    by owen 2008-Jun-12 

  3. Pineapple - callaloo?! [hysterical]

    by mad bull 2008-Jul-01