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Blue Sandals

written by owen, 2013-Jul-5

in bdos. Some asshole stole the last pair of good slippers that I had.

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Cane River

written by owen, 2013-Jan-22



Blue or Black?

written by owen, 2012-Jun-8


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Ayo commented: Black! Looks way more sleek. apologize if that's not a 'manly' term :) ... read 2 more

Garbage Cans Underground

written by owen, 2012-Jun-1

On my trip to Barbados I came across garbage cans when were built into the ground. Seemed like it would be a great idea but they said that the garbage collectors complain of back pains so I don't know.

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Anonymous commented: You must not remember when these were common in the USA. We had to separate garbage from trash in most communities. The trash was burned at the city dump and the garbage went for slop for the hogs. ... read more

On the grass in the park

written by owen, 2012-May-24

There is no way to tell who's feet those are.


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