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written by owen, 2015-Apr-30

I seem to be on a low life roll. This is the last one I promise. Living life at the Lizard Bar, at the Split on Caye Caulker off Belize 2014. OpenStreetMap



written by owen, 2015-Apr-29

At some point during a flight the person next to you will start talking selfies of their feet for no apparent reason. Footsies? I do not know.


Shakes before bowling in PDQ

written by owen, 2015-Apr-26

We decided to stop for a quick strawberry milkshake at the place where PDQ: People Dedicated to Quality. Bowling was good fun. Heavy balls though. Heavy balls.

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Tami commented: That one is called the 'dem gyal stan up' ... read more

colors at a wedding

written by owen, 2014-Feb-4



Used to be my playground

written by owen, 2013-Nov-7

Standing in Barbican


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