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written by owen, 2010-Jun-23

After you wash a car it only stay clean for like one day. Unless of course you live in america where you have no environment or wildlife.

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spruce holdings commented: yute that look like a honda fit or logo ... read 2 more

Rims at megamart

written by owen, 2010-Mar-1


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Tami commented: The second one on the bottom (red) looks awesome! ... read more


written by owen, 2009-Jul-31

image stolen from 4g, testing image quality

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Me Nuh Know, But She Pretty! Unnu Tell Me Nuh?

written by Mad Bull, 2008-Dec-25

Black. Sleek! Purty. Very Purty! Rimz out! Low, low profiles! Sweeet!

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owen commented: it seems to be a [url][caption]toyota celica[/url]. I'm not a fan of coupes though [nasty] ... read 2 more


written by Mad Bull, 2008-Dec-21

Pretty, red. Hot car! Mad Bull like!

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