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How to think like a programmer

written by owen, 2005-Mar-29 read 3881 times.

Arie commented: Getting the entire program (in my case webapps) in your head is indeed impossible with big apps. I usually get the big outlines in my head first and from there I start "scuplting" the software. Reusing structures allways helps too. Not necesarily the exact code, but just the way it is build up. ... read 4 more

Software Programming Patterns

written by owen, 2005-Jan-26 read 2915 times.

sandeep thakur commented: i don't think practibility of this logic in real cases ... read 4 more

Online Infidelity or Cyber affair

written by Daimion, 2004-Dec-7 read 3469 times.

robert commented: this is somethin that has happend to me so i think it is good to let people "in on" what is taking place online. this is a good article ... read 4 more

Database design for web developers

written by owen, 2004-Nov-24 read 9674 times.

Alwyn Taylor commented: A very interesting piece. May even save people a lot of time when creating web application. The things you highlighted are things I've seen people do ever so often, especially when I was going to school. Going to send the link to some of those peeps right now. ... read 67 more

Advertising Jamaica

written by owen, 2004-Nov-16 read 2535 times.

Alex commented: Yeah, we could do with more advertising, it is true that in jamaica it seems business owners cut corners to save money, lol ... read 1 more

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