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The Bleach Incident

written by owen, 2006-Feb-9 read 5123 times.

mad bull commented: Good point. Since I am always cleaning ;) and I know a lot of cleaners, I will mention it to them. ... read 15 more

How to build a heirarcy with one query

written by owen, 2005-Nov-19 read 2829 times.

alex13 commented: well i suppose if the list is huge, u still have the option of caching the tree, well depends on how often you need to use it and how often the data changes. i dont know if u consider caching a bad thing. ... read 3 more

Standard ASP .NET Namespaces

written by KMT, 2005-Oct-29 read 3218 times.

ASP .NET 1.1 Repeater - rock star hack

written by owen, 2005-Sep-26 read 12445 times.

Getting started in computer programming

written by owen, 2005-Apr-13 read 3383 times.

alex commented: I agree, especially with step 3, you dont have to rush, even when you have people like owen who have made php skills and you feel like you need to get to that level yesterday. As owen says "Rome wasnt built in a day" IF you rush your self youll get overwhelmed and quit, or have tons of unfinished projects hanging around the place like me. ... read 3 more

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