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iPhone 4 sucks - a Rant

written by owen, Tue, 08th Jun 2010 at 11:29 am


So yesterday Steve Jobs bust the place with the new ihone 4.0. And as usual I am pissed but I am not the only one. The Iphone 4 does nothing but disappoint me at every possible turn. As I was discussing with Camille of the iphone 4 is more of the same with a better screen and still no SD card slot. To add insult to injured we now have to which to something called a "micro sim card". Which in itself is total BS. A micro sim cock maybe good in the customer driven garbage dump with is the USA. But in poorer nationals we can't just throw shit away for no reason and god knows how long before our local cellphone provides upgrade their systems.

Camile: Why you need an SD card slot? ...

if it had a SD card slot they wouldn't need to keep selling you the same 32gigs of memory over and over for a $100. But I guess its all part of apple's evil plot. No, of course you don't need it. :!

The current prices for apple products usally look something like this;
Ipad - 16GB - $499.00
Ipad - 32GB - $599.00
Ipad - 64GB - $699.00

I am sure many apple uses have several iphones that are either old or broken but still have 16gb of good memory in them that you have to keep buying over and over again. I'm sure the Ipad uses the same storage medium as the iphone. The storage thing is simply a retarded, money grabbing scheme by apple.

So called "Innovation"

I could go on and on about their so called "innovation" but I don't want to be a killjoy. Major feature is that it looks good (better than 90%). Everything else is bait.

Apple products just work

There are millions of things that "just work", toasters, refrigerators, but the iphone is special. The iphone just works for a time. How long it "just works" is totally dependant on apple. A SD card slot basically doubles the lifespan of any device that has one. After a year of use stability and reliability go out the window. It is designed to be constantly replaced.

Iphone 4 changes Everything Again! Hells yeah.

Retina Display

Last years iphone screen was the shit, now the new iphone 4 screen is the shit and last years phone is REALLY the shit. You can't improve something that is already standard and call it a feature. Talk to somebody about having a problem with the original iphone and they will simply laugh in your face. Of course this may seem to the reader as alittle thing compared to the awesome "Retina" screen and the "porn Facetime". But a hi-res screen is only going to make you use up more memory storing/looking-at big-ass images.

HD recording

OMFG. If I hear the HD Acronym again I'm going to flip out and spill oil in the gulf of mexico. Seriously, who has time to be recording and upload those big-ass HD movie files? Can you simply just give me 480 widescreen resolution? Or is that impossible?

IMproved Battery Life

OMFG. Putting in a bigger batter is not improving batter life.

Multi-Tasking Done the right way

I have no complains about this. They can do whatever they want. Why the old iphones can't do it is very puzzling.


So now I have to be always connected to the net so I can use my free applications? Now every free application will come hooked up with this iAD bull? so I have to be connected to the net to use the free apps? Sadness. I don't like this very much either.


Well now my choices are either to get the iphone 4 or the windows 7 series phone series. But the WP7SS has had basically no information in the press recently. If I get the iphone 4 I will certain be selling my soul and wasting my money to "try-out" for a year (hopefully without breaking the screen) and be forced to sell it when the battery dies or i run of space.

Don't even mention and android phone. I like a phone that I can update without waiting on my carrier. What the crack head? Eclipse development? No thank you. The Android phone suffers from the opposite problem of the iphone; the android software stack sucks.

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JB commented: "A SD card slot basically doubles the lifespan of any device that has one." – Why the hell should that be??? "But a hi-res screen is only going to make you use up more memory storing/looking-at big-ass images." – Not necessarily. That also depends on how the images are compressed. "Seriously, who has time to be recording and upload those big-ass HD movie files?" – Obviously more than you think! "Why the old iphones can't do it is very puzzling." – They can, soon as the new OS comes out. For free. "So now I have to be always connected to the net so I can use my free applications?" – Who told you that? Nobody. My head almost explode while reading this uninformed bullshit. Let's get to the point: You're just pissed off because you can't afford it. Right? ... read 5 more

So Fly with my MicroTac

written by owen, Thu, 20th May 2010 at 2:12 pm

I was looking for cellphone forever then I got this as a gift from my grand mother when I went to Mandeville. It is in pristine condition and has a removable battery. I tried charging it at first but that didn't work. Only after bringing it back to kingston did I get it to charge and the monochrome display came on like a video game arcade box. It keeps saying "NOSRVC". I guess I need someone to unlock it so I can use it on LIME. So fly it doesn't even have a sim card slot, probably using Bluetooth. So when you see me rolling, don't be hating.


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Review/Rant

written by owen, Fri, 26th Mar 2010 at 3:02 pm

NMH2 is what I refer to as "a gamer's game". It ridiculously hard in some places, unforgiving in others. Highly repetitive while at the same time being new and refreshing in its simplicity. You get better as you play it - which is surely lacking from the games being released nowadays People will look at the television and wonder what kind of madness you are playing. All they will see is blood, flashing lights and exploding bodies. I totally love it.

It is probably the best "new IP" in years. Call of Duty 2 is the same game in different locations with more cutscenes. Mario is Mario you've played it a thousand times but its the same-o-same-o. NMH2 is not mario and it will never be. You chop heads off and you turn into a tiger and bite people while calling them losers and eating pizza for health. NHM2 is a NEW game in every sense of the word. The music is new, the characters are new, the graphics are new, the clothes are new, the story is new. Million dollars worth of games are released everyday and nobody buys them because most of them simple other ways to waste time.

Its M Rated

Its a M rated game. You cannot buy it for you 5 year old because they may grow up to be a serial killer or an assassin or maybe not but we never know with these kids nowadays. And there is no feature to turn off the blood. There will be no feature to turn Mario into a "M rated" game which is why I wonder why people keep asking for content filters on games. Vegetarians don't eat meat, asking meat producers to sell vegetables that look like meat is not very productive. The quality of the game is in its pure M-rate-d-ness, and edginess, not in its mass G-rated dumbed down appeal. Its almost like asking scientist to make space rockets easier for people to fly. You are an idiot, embrace your destiny. There are things that you cannot do.

Video Games as a Sub-Art

People compare NMH2 to Kill Bill, its a movie with lots of blood, turned in a video game. The Avatar movie is a Billion times better than all of the Avatar games because games nowadays have no soul - they convey no emotion.

Video games as a industry are always treated as a sub-art. You would never hear a person say that I wish that violent Friday the 13th movie had a E rated version. the very concept is ludacris. OR better yet a version of shakespeare in which the lovers don't drink posion at the end.

A game like NMH2 is like heavy metal music. It only makes sense in its context. Of course you could take out the voilent content and put Barbie as the lead guitarist. But I am sure there is are Barbie sword fighting games already on the selves - so why do we need to make 2?

Its the game that your parents said was going to rotten your brain. Its like eating too much sugar. You go into the in game clothes store and you buy a t-shirt that he wears throughout ALL THE CUT-SCENES. I wonder why more games don't let you buy clothes. Its just a texture swap. Its adds a certain substance to the cut-scenes.


My only complaint is that its not long enough. 10 hours of fun, 3 hours of annoying boss battles. Games like this should go on forever with auto-generated dungeons and death matches.

All gamers should buy it. However Moms and Pops should rent it because it can get really hard in some places and it can take along time to memorize boss patterns enough to kill them. Good reflexes and thumbs are required.

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Little pig, little pig, let me in

written by Karl, Wed, 17th Feb 2010 at 12:59 am

Does anyone have a Google Notebook account? For most of you the answer is probably 'No'.
I've gotta say that of all the services Google offers, my most prized is Notebook for the simple fact that they're maintaining the service but are no longer taking new sign ups.

Everyone loves an exclusive club.



written by owen, Thu, 28th Jan 2010 at 6:48 am

I'm looking for a smart phone but the BB has too much of a stigma behind it. It screams; "I'm just like every other elitist blackberry user", plus I hate the verdana font on a phone. I have nothing against BB users and their annoying tweets but I got a chance to use it during a meeting I had recently.

The tracking wheel has a kinda greasy feel to me and all the face buttons have little "give". The keyboard is ok, and I could get used to it but the phone still feels "locked in". Its seems to be more of a portable text messaging thing than a productivity device. You ever wonder why millions of people are tweeting nonsense on the internet? it is because there is nothing better to do on the phone but writing small paragraphs of nonsense.

From my previous cellphone, which I must note is a totally retarded Motorolla L6. Although my old phone does what it is suppose to do and is rediculously slim, there is no good way to export the data or do anything with it besides making calls, viewing small webpages and sending SMS text messages. Which was not a problem at the time but this time around when I'm spending (aka wasting) my money on a electronic device, I would rather get more out of my device than the regular, everyday trappings - I want it to rock my world. And also I want the data I put into the phone to last beyond the current iteration of the phone. I'm not entering all those birthdays into the calender again for the millionth time, only to have a new fangled device come out 2 days later which is incompatible with my old data. The data is either incompatible or "trapped" in the device for some strange reason.

Fast forward to today's new cellphones now allow you to connect to the "cloud" and upload all your data to Google or where ever. This is all well and good but the problem I have with this is that without a dataplan or persistent wifi connection you phone is basically useless. Not being connected to the cloud you are like a man trapped on a deserted island. I'd like to know that I can still use my phone if I'm not paying 30 USD a month for a data plan. I want a mini computer in my hand, not a slave terminal running gmail.

Back on topic though the BB seems to do what it does well, I can browse most text sites without much lag, use a limited list of applications and change the wallpaper and ringtone - thats pretty much it. Oh and add calender entries.

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Gods Child commented: omigosh, the cloud. anyway, um, do you really do that much on your phone? I mean 30/mo extra is a lot. ... read 10 more

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