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Playstation 4 Announcement Reactions

written by owen, 2013-Feb-21

So here we go again. Sony has announce its new console with more of the same.; trailers for games that will probably never come out and killzone. I would not have started with a trailer of a game that looks like every other FPS shooter on the market for the last 5 years. The shadows look impressive and the lighting is off the chain but every thing else is the same shoot.shoot and throw grenade, corridors and terrorism.

The only thing that really impressed me was the demo of Watch Dogs, has been seen but still consists of the most innovative gameplay so far. Its hard to tell what percentage of this game is just quicktime events but the environment and pedestrians are the best I have seen in any game.

The new controller is more of the same - no need to change it really. It has advanced rumble. The touchpad may be useful for throwing grenades but little else. It has a headphone jack which is good but kinda pointless with bluetooth being available everywhere. Pointless share button - you could always press start or the playstation button.


The rest of the presentation was pretty much full of random demos of random pretty stuff. The whole conference is best summarized below;

My guess is 700 dollars at launch.

Photo credit; Brendan McDermid/Reuters

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New Car Radio

written by owen, 2012-Apr-16

Bought it from a co-worker, for a little over a 120 USD. Now I can play from my USB flash drive, CD-RW discs, external audio and I can make it flash pretty colors. Only problem I have so far is that you have to pop the whole face down to put in a CD.


My Old Car Radio

written by owen, 2012-Apr-16

A Poineer XX-Something. I was good for a while but it go increasingly annoying because it did not like my CD-RW discs. Of course it would play original music cds but I don't buy them that often and my favourite discount CD store closed down and became a vegetarian food restaurant :(

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Wiring the New Radio

written by owen, 2012-Mar-8

I recently became annoyed with burning CD-RW disks before I left work so that I could play newly discovered music in my car. Sure it was not bad at first but eventually after about a week or 2 of constant burning and the heat from within the car the re-writeable disks would simple give up and I was left with nothing to listen to but the radio or original CDs.

After months of trying to pop out the radio to check for inputs on the back I finally was able to get it out - only to realise that there were no AUX in ports on the back of my old radio. I had not choice but to buy a new radio.

After another couple months of searching and bitching I was finally able to get a new radio that did not break the bank and would not get my car stolen (though the jury is still out on that one)

Luckily for me there was a radio already in my car. So all I had to do with match the colors.

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Jamaica Elections 2011 - Manifesto Word Search

written by owen, 2011-Dec-21

Do a quick search for words or phrases across all the 2011 Manifestos (JAM,JLP,MGPPP,NDM,PNP) and compare the results; maybe pointless but who knows;

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