January 2008

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written by owen on 2008-Jan-06.

2008! YES!!! Finally I can change the theme without being seen as a style whore with A.D.D. So far it seems that it will be more white less colors, bigger text and more class. Like a apple mac or a wii. Let me know if you hate it. The old theme will be in the settings but as you know you have to login to get that sorry.

I'm going to add 2 new sections;

  • Technology:Where items posted by users will be about programming, video games and computer stuff. It won't show up on the homepage
  • Glamorous: Where items posted by users will be about other people and what they are doing. So you'll be able to promote good stuff going on anywhere offsite - especially blog stuff

Some readers might notice that the more sections I have the less I post in logbook - its true.

Stuff I forgot

  • When you make a reply to a comment you will notice that the page doesn't refresh. So making mutiple replies on the same post is easier now.
  • fixed all the dates so that they are now more relative like 10 minutes ago, 2 hours ago, 1 week ago
  • the comments list on the user page now have a page nav

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  1. y u being more blonde with bueaty spell like that on the page? you write about bueaty???

    i dont like this layout it makes me feel retarded :x

    by ID 2008-Jan-06 

  2. I would imagine feeling retarded is not a new feeling for u, nothing much I can do about that. I'd explain the whole bueaty thing to you but I fear I'd just be wasting my time

    by owen 2008-Jan-06 

  3. I like the layout, feels all web 2.0::), @ id, if you don't like the layout he stated in his post that you may change it in settings. And about beauty being spelt wrong, well i guess he knew

    by Gordon Swaby 2008-Jan-06 

  4. The fact that it annoys certain types of people is a nice side effect.

    by owen 2008-Jan-07 

  5. @ ID, yeah, bueaty is spelt wrong, thtas the bueaty of it.
    Owen, tell me you will still have nice picture banners! Please!

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jan-07 

  6. Yeah I still have them on file(big file warning) but I don't think they would add anything to 2008. It could still put them up there though. So how do you like the new layout? Do you think the big text will have any effect on the blind people?

    by owen 2008-Jan-07 

  7. I like everything, BUT, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED your banners. I will really miss them.

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jan-08 

  8. I like the new layout. It's cleaner. Happy new year!

    by Leon 2008-Jan-08 

  9. lol u are such a grinch
    and i see u like the fact that i dont like ur layout that makes me feel like i am a handicap and u making everything plain for me...


    i am amused

    by ID 2008-Jan-08 

  10. I like the green
    it's refreshing
    *takes a deep breath*

    by Gods Child 2008-Jan-09 

  11. DWPCL @ "retarded is not a new feeling" and "bueaty".

    I don't know how I ever got thru the day without yall.

    P.S. This sounds like sexual tension on both ur parts. Maybe yall should see where it goes. Don't shoot; I'm just an innocent bystander.

    by SE 2008-Jan-09 

  12. What're ya saying? You think ID wants Owen to let off sup'm? Hmmm... Perhaps you have something there. [confident]

    Owen, what you sayin? Yu nuh wah give her the results of all the i-laloo, i-per and i-umpkin you've been consumin'?

    by Mad Bull 2008-Jan-13 

  13. yall reading too much into what is a simple case of differing views on a simple topic. she seems alright but shes "special" - I'd have to open a school.

    by owen 2008-Jan-13 

  14. Nice architectural design!!

    by Esteban Agosto Reid 2008-Jan-12 

  15. struuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuups is all i have to say


    by ID 2008-Jan-14