April 2007

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written by owen on 2007-Apr-10.

Its that time of year again when I question my existence and the reason behind this site your looking at. The mispelt title - everything. I will mess with it a bit in the next couple a days. Might delete everything, reset, lay yesterday to rest. Looking back to find my way. Start over? Any feature requests? Any thoughts on the furture?

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  1. Love your work young man. I trust you to keep it good, whatever ya do =).

    by tristan 2007-Apr-10 

  2. keep it good hmmm....thats going to be hard. I'm thinking 1024x768

    by owen 2007-Apr-11 

  3. but, but, I have a photo! For pimp juice!
    Seriously I was thinking to myself just before I came to the site "how does Owen keep this site up and running anyway?" So many sites are moving and changing and going defunct.
    Also, I like the font you had--the green curly stuff. Okay. That's it for now.

    by Gods Child 2007-Apr-11 

  4. now you upload something [upset]
    I change it only slightly over time, little by little. But I guess, there is only so much I can change now.
    The curly font thing was done by a friend at work. I'd never naturally do girly stuff like that

    by owen 2007-Apr-11 

  5. that curly font was unexpected and went nicely and didn't seem too too girly . It's like the whole Owensoft question--you can exceed our expectations with the content

    by Gods Child 2007-Apr-11 

  6. I am here wondering what does she mean by font I had? Then I realised the font only shows up on the site's home page. Should still be there. I playing with a white and pink theme now, with lots of big text for the the blind people out there. I don't know how much longer I can do the blog thing though.

    by owen 2007-Apr-11 

  7. Owen..
    do meh what yuh want, yuh sweet magican..meh body ketching afire when ah wrapped in yuh arms, ah going crazy, every time we caress, jus dont leave meh, honey yuh are the best!

    spellcheck would be nice! xxx

    by Island Spice 2007-Apr-11 

  8. spell checks are tricky and offensive to minorities. You sound like you love cuddle too much!

    by owen 2007-Apr-11 

  9. You can always install a spell check plug-in for your browser =).

    by tristan 2007-Apr-11 

  10. Owen, what're you saying? You tired of the blogging thing? Man, your site is one of my favourite blogs! My only issue with your blog is that I wish you would post more! Damn! I hope you stick around.

    Truth be told though, it hard to keep this shizzle going... I gone bout 7 years now... I am trying to do 3 more to round out an even 10 years, then perhaps hang up my boots, but its hard sometimes.

    by mad bull 2007-Apr-12 

  11. Thanx. Posting more often than I do would drive me mad. I can't afford to go mad before I have my wife and children. Takes a lotta thinking to conjugate my verbs like that.

    I'm thinking of a change in format. Not so much weekly blog entries but rather "episodes". Episodes would take longer to build but have "more" than the average blog post.

    by owen 2007-Apr-12 

  12. thanks for stopping by...what do u mean u shutting it down??

    by geegee 2007-Apr-14 

  13. shutting down is a strong word more like changing directions

    by owen 2007-Apr-14 

  14. I hope i'll still wanna visit when your done. n thats all i'm gonna say..

    by taylor 2007-Apr-16