June 2007

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written by owen on 2007-Jul-23.

I've been busy with a million different things or maybe one or 3. I found some time to put the login form into the comment options (annoying?).
The people page looks all ugly now because I put everybody's website link up on it.

And some may notice that when submitted, somethings donot show up on the front page. so it go. Keeps the home page from flooding. You'll see them highlighted in yellow on the right. It depends on the category.

Added 2 new photo projects;

Office Space Pictures of where you work, your cube, study area or desk area. If you don't have any go out and get a job.

Into the Blue - Pictures of the sky and sometimes the tree outside. As suggested by hayo

seeya in september - hopefully

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  1. I am not taking pics of my ubicle. It is too small and sad here. I'd rather use my creativity on something else. Like the sky and the trees. Will do.

    I don't see the login form here though. Am I confused?

    by Gods Child 2007-Jul-24 

  2. Yes but click the "other options" link that is beside the comment submit button.
    The sadness of your cubicle is relative. The only way to make a fair assessment is to show everybody.

    by owen 2007-Jul-24 

  3. I'm gonna take picture of the view from my office window. It's beautiful...I forget that it's 32 floors up and I'm scared of heights. Plus I spend half the day staring out at the water *sigh*

    by spuyten duyvil 2007-Jul-26