1. You stole it from a tree... Thief!

    by Tami 2007-Dec-30 

  2. I had dibs on it. I contributed to the decorations fund [innocent]

    by owen 2008-Jan-03 

  3. You wear ties a lot, don't you? Tell "The Man" that they should get you all some Polo shirts. It will boost productivity.
    I have no idea if it will, but maybe you'll get some polo shirts. I know you want 'em! Everyone does.

    by mad bull 2008-Jan-03 

  4. took a break from it then came back. I don't think the man listens to anyone plus the AC is dam cold and I don't have a sweater. So the long sleave and tie is a whole other realm of possibilities.

    by owen 2008-Jan-04